I started making polar fleece hats in 1991.  The first hat I designed was the “Fud” hat.  My "significant other" liked to hunt, and he wanted a fleece baseball style hat with earflaps and ties.  I took apart an old baseball hat and designed my “Fud” hat.  It was a huge success – his buddies also NEEDED hats.  At the same time, I was helping my mother with her small craft shows and decided to take my hats to sell at a show.  I sold out the first morning!  From there, the business grew – I signed up for small shows on my own and designed more items to go along with the Fud hat.  By 1996, the business had grown to be a full time endeavor and I quit my “day job” to pursue crafting full time.  I did about 10-12 large shows a year and the product line grew to include several hat styles, mittens, ear bands, neck muffs, scarves, jackets and socks.  We expanded each item to have sizes for just about any age - kids to adults.  In 1997, my significant other joined me full time in the shows and we continued to grow the business, expanding our product line and seeking out new market areas.  In 2012,  we offered a new line of baby bootie in “minky fur” and micro fleece.  They were a huge success and we plan on expanding and adding to this line. 


After living in Minnesota and Wisconsin our entire lives, we moved our home and sewing shop to Tucson Arizona.  We will be traveling to all of our existing markets and hopefully will open up some new southern markets as well.  


We have made quality fleece items for over 20 years and hope to continue for another 20!